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Anna Maria Jopek

Sat 14 Mar 2020, Klub Wytwórnia, Łódź

Bustrip from Kalisz

The bus for Anna Maria Jopek to Klub Wytwórnia in Łódź departs from Main bus station (PKS), Kalisz on Saturday 14 March 2020 at 17:35 *. Below you will find the full timetable.

To Klub Wytwórnia, Łódź
Date 14-03-2020
Departure time 17:35 *
Arrival time 20:00
To Main bus station (PKS), Kalisz
Date 15-03-2020
Departure time 00:30 *
Arrival time 02:55
Date Departure time Direction Arrival time
Saturday 14 Mar 2020 17:35 * To Klub Wytwórnia, Łódź 20:00
Sunday 15 Mar 2020 00:30 To Main bus station (PKS), Kalisz 02:55 *

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* Attention: these times are not yet final and may change.

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We'll drive you to Anna Maria Jopek with a premium class coach. This is a nice and clean bus that will take you there safely and quickly. We have different kinds of buses, so the actual bus may be different than on the picture. You're welcome to bring your own music to play in the bus. With a bus trip organised by KoncertBus the party starts in the bus and you and your friends will quickly be in the mood for the concert, so you'll be there before you know it!

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